Drovers: Corn futures tumble on surprisingly high USDA stocks figure

Corn futures in Chicago plunged to the lowest levels in more than two weeks today after the government reported unexpectedly large stockpiles, providing beef and pork producers with at least a temporary respite from a summer feed price run-up.

From Drovers.com on 09/30/2010: Corn futures tumble on surprisingly-high USDA stocks figure

BEEF Magazine: I Don’t Want to Talk About Either GIPSA or Cows

Unfortunately, this GIPSA rule is not a law; it’s government regulation championed by the zealot fringe. We’ve seen similar situations develop in the past; eventually the courts and legislators see the light, rein in the government entity, and the zealots find their political protectors abandoning them. Trouble is there can be a lot of pain before cooler, more rational thinking prevails.

From BEEFMagazine.com on 09/24/2010: I Don’t Want to Talk About Either GIPSA or Cows

CattleNetwork: Age, Source Verification May Open Beef Markets

“Producers who plan to sell their cattle for overseas markets need to be able to verify the age and source of their cattle, and that verification needs to be done by a third party,” says Karl Hoppe, Extension Service area livestock specialist at North Dakota State University’s Carrington Research Extension Center.

From CattleNetwork.com on 09/30/2010Age, Source Verification May Open Beef Markets