Cow/Calf Corner: Website is a Source of Research-based Information

Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Specialist and Chris Richards, Oklahoma State University  Beef Nutritionist

Cattle producers now have an excellent tool in their “resource toolbox”.  Oklahoma State University extension animal scientists have maintained an educational website designed to be a “one-stop shopping” destination for Oklahoma beef cattle producers.  The website is and contains access to many useful pieces of information for cow/calf, stocker, and feedlot managers.

One of the first features producers will notice as they view the website is the Calendar of Events.  This listing of upcoming educational events for beef producers will include links to the registration forms and agendas for these programs.  Producers will have easy access to “live” and “feeder” cattle futures markets as well as weather conditions for North Central Oklahoma.

Downloadable record forms for Beef Quality Assurance record-keeping, Country of Origin Labeling affidavits, and OSU decision-making software are also found on this website.  The left-hand menu allows producers to choose specific topics that would be helpful to them.  For example, a “cow-calf producer” could click on that link, then scroll down the menu items to “nutrition” and find fact sheets about feeding ideas for beef cows.

One of the most useful features of the website is the “search” box found at the top of the main page.  For instance, a producer wishing to learn more about “nitrate toxicity” could type those words in the search box and find a listing of all of the items related to that topic found within the OSU Beef Extension publications.

Producers that need more personal assistance may want to click on the “Contact Us” button to locate a County Extension office near them.  Cattle producers will want to check the website often to stay up-to-date with changes in the calendar and new educational materials being added.

The “” website should be bookmarked by all beef producers for ready access to a great deal of valuable information.

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COW/CALF CORNER – The Newsletter – From the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service – January 17, 2011


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