American Way Magazine Got The Low-Down On HSUS

American Way Magazine Got The Low-Down On HSUS following an article it published in its current issue on the group and its CEO, Wayne Pacelle. American Way is the on-board magazine of American Airlines.
In a letter to the magazine’s executive editor, the Animal Ag Alliance politely and factually pointed out that the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) is not the organization it appears to be. “HSUS is an animal rights group that uses its considerable budget to threaten America’s hardworking farmers and ranchers. It is not affiliated with any local animal shelter,” said Animal Ag Alliance Executive Vice President Kay Johnson Smith in the letter.
“HSUS and other animal rights groups are not concerned with improving animal welfare. These extremists are systematically working to prohibit the ownership and use of animals in any way — be it for companionship, entertainment or food,” Smith said.
In fact, she told American Way, analysis of HSUS’ 2008 tax return shows that only one-half of one percent of the group’s funds actually went toward caring for animals.
According to Smith, she received a phone call from the magazine’s executive editor, Adam Pitluk, within minutes of sending him the letter.


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