Cattle-Fax for April 18, 2011

The fed cattle market was $.3 to $4 lower last week as cattle in the South sold for $119, while sales in the North were recorded at $119 to tops of $120 live and mostly $190 dressed. Trade volumes were light to moderate. Boxed beef values fell last week; spring demand for middles has been slow to develop at current pricing levels. Sale volumes on that side were light. Feeder cattle prices were $2 to $6 softer on the week reflecting higher corn prices and the lower fed cattle market. Calves sold for $2 to $7 lower last week. Demand and prices are higher in the North on light cattle due to better moisture conditions as turn-out time approaches. Slaughter cows were steady to as much as $4 lower in a moderate test. Corn prices were higher last week as the trade remains concerned about ending stocks as well as planting delays for the new crop. For recent market news and analysis, visit

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