Approved Funding for DNA Project

IBBA Board of Directors approved funding for a DNA project that will genotype the Brangus breed in order for a gene marker map to be developed in order to produce Genomic Enhanced EPD for Brangus cattle. While other cattle breeds like Holstein and Angus are well on their way to routinely using Genomic Enhanced EPD’s for genetic selection, all other breeds must develop their own breed specific DNA Marker Map.

The details of the project are still being assembled. As more information is developed, IBBA members will be notified and given the opportunity to participate. Expect to see the details of this project and how to participate by early November.


One comment on “Approved Funding for DNA Project

  1. John Spitzer says:

    GREAT! This will only enhance our efforts to genetically define Brangus. This will be of tremendous help to us smaller breeders who may not have many progeny on a young “clean up” bull, or very small contemporary groups. Will help everyone on those hard to measure traits like feed efficiency and pregnancy.

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