Get involved. Share your story with #SM.

Social media is “a great tool for organizations such as National Cattlemen’s Beef Association to use to get our message out to people who otherwise would’t hear it.”
-Bill Donald, 2011 NCBA President 

Current National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Bill Donald demonstrates how he utilizes social media (SM) to communicate and explains importance of using SM tools.

Get involved. Share your story. We’ll help you get started.

Social Media

Don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t have to have your own weekly video series to communicate. Start out with a few simple Facebook status updates or a couple of short tweets once a day. Once you have the basics down, you can begin posting photos and videos or even start your own blog!

There are some great online resources to help you along your social media adventure! First, you need to know who your audience is. Identifying your target audience will enable you to better tailor your message so it reaches the type of people you want to attract to your site. It also makes your site more valuable if you’re posting information relevant to your audience. This article will help you identify your target audience: 

Second, you need to understand what SM platform (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is most beneficial for the message(s) you’re trying to send. This article will help you determine which platform to use when sending a message:

Don’t get frustrated when you begin using these social media tools. There are online resources, tutorials and blogs you can refer to for help. As you get more comfortable with the terminology and posting material becomes more routine, you’ll soon find you have unlocked a whole new world. You’ll have more followers, fans, tweets, posts, videos, photos and information than you know what to do with. You’ll have access to more information, and you’ll know exactly where and how to find the resources you were looking for.

As always, you can contact Brittni Drennan at the IBBA office if you have more questions about using social media.

Here are some links you might find helpful:


2 comments on “Get involved. Share your story with #SM.

  1. pearlsnapsponderings says:

    Great post! I’m the Public Relations Chair for NCBA’s Young Producers Council and use social media everyday to tell the story of young cattlemen and women in the beef industry. In case you weren’t aware of it, NCBA’s YPC Public Relations Task Force Committee actually produced three social media guides for beef producers. They cover Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging. We are also currently working on a guide for Linked In. Here’s a link to our blog, Cattle Call, where you can find links to pdf files of all three guides ( Look for our Linked In Guide to be available at the upcoming NCBA Convention in Nashville.

  2. GoBrangus says:

    The link to the social media guides mentioned above was sent out to IBBA members in the weekly eNews along with Facebook and Twitter “how-to” flyers. These flyers and a link to the guides will be posted to “Beef Tips” very soon, so stay tuned!

    As always, if you have any questions about social media please contact Brittni Drennan at the IBBA office.

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