NJBS 2012 Show Results

This year’s National Junior Brangus Show (NJBS) reported having an increase in the number of participants, and the quality of the entries far exceeded anyone’s expectations. Thank you to the sponsors and friends of the breed who helped make the NJBS another success and a great experience for those involved.

The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) reported 96 Junior members representing nine states participated in the week of events. Thirty of those participants were first-time exhibitors compiling a total of 168 entries.

“Really do marvel at the fact that the Brangus association kicks out so many good kids year after year after year that go on and contribute in so many avenues of our beef cattle industry,” said Aaron Cooper who judged the Bred and Owned Show.

Complete NJBS results, TBBA State Show results and Banquet Awards are published in the August issue of the Brangus Journal which can be viewed online at http://gobrangus.com/brangus-publications/.

Watch the videos posted below of the Owned Show and the Bred and Owned Show to see who was selected as Grand and Reserve Champion and hear judges’ comments on the quality of cattle and our youth.

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One comment on “NJBS 2012 Show Results

  1. Don Grubaugh says:

    Great work Garrett.

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