Kodi the Cowdog- Happy New Year, Y’all

Happy New Year, Y’all,

Kodi with boneHope you had a great Christmas because I sure did. I got a new toy for outside, which I needed badly. It is bright green and squeaks when you mash it, and I love to chase it when I can get someone to throw it for me. Mama said she got a bright color so she can see it easily, as I tend to drop it when I am finished playing and then forget where it is. I also got a HUGE chewy bone that is flavored with peanut butter, and you know how I love PB. This thing is so big I should have it for a long time to chew on.

I hope you got everything that was on your wish list. Mr. P said his wish list was for more peace and quiet, and now that I am older and not so rambunctious, I am trying not to bother him as much, but you know sometimes I just have to pounce on him when he is sleeping just to see his reaction. The look on his face me cracks me up every time.

One thing about the holidays is that I usually get to see some of my cousins. One afternoon, Boo and Paris stopped by with their folks for a visit. It had been a while since we had seen them, and Boo and I made up for lost time by playing and playing. We chased each other and ran and ran until his tail was dragging, as was my wiggly butt. He is a big yellow lab who can keep up with me when we are running, but I can turn on a dime and give him nine cents change before he knows what happened.

Paris does not join in our games because she is a really little Fox Terrier and kind of a diva. Actually, she and I got in sort of a fight. You know how I love pecans? I even know which ones are good and can crack them and get the good stuff out by myself. Well, Paris got one of my pecans and started chewing on it. I wanted it back and started to get it when she attacked me. We had a little scuffle until her dad broke it up. We did not hurt each other, but we kept our distance the rest of the afternoon. I guess it is normal for relatives to not get along all the time, but every time I am around Paris she acts like she is in charge, and that just does not set well with me.

Speaking of cousins, I have a new one named Lucky. He is a little mini Schnauzer, and his name says it all. He was a stray that my Aunt Becky and Uncle Wayne took in to be their new best friend. Now you know I live the good life – indoors, comfy bed, plenty of treats/toys, get to work cattle. I was born for that – get to travel and see new places. Little Lucky will get to do the same, except for the cattle work. His new folks love to travel and have a big motor home, so Lucky will be on the road living large. As I said, his name fits.

I forgot to mention in my last letter that I have a new friend named Duke. I met him when we were at a big bull sale over at the Cavender’s Neches River Ranch back in December. His mom works in the ranch office, and she asked my mom to babysit him during the sale. She had to work up on the auction block keeping records and hated to leave him alone for the afternoon. Now I said his name was Duke, but do not get the idea he is big because he is a little Pomeranian about half my size, and I am not very big myself. He was black and white, but unlike me, he had a tail so he could not be called a wiggly butt. We got along just fine, but did not get a chance to run and play since he needed to stay on leash. I think he missed his mom because he kept looking for her and perked up anytime he saw someone with long, dark hair wearing a white shirt. The only time I had to remind him who was number one at the Clem Ranch was when mama walked us out to our truck to get us some treats. I kind of growled at him so he knew he was not going to get in my truck and come home with us. I mean there is only room for one “little princess/prince” at our house.

Kodi moving cows

Kodi hard at work moving cows

The other day something happened that caused my daddy to say he might need to change my nickname from “Wiggly Butt, The Mighty K, or Little Princess” to “Tuffy”. My girls were munching on their winter pasture – they like that stuff kind of the way I like PB – but it was time for me to move them on to another field for the night where there is hay and water. So off daddy and I went in the mule to where they were. Just as we got to where they could be seen, I noticed two of them were having a fight. They were butting heads, pawing the ground, bellowing and bawling and causing a ruckus. Before daddy even said a word I bailed out and got right in between them and told them to “break it up!!!”. I barked and growled and got them separated – I just can’t stand rudeness in a cow – and then told them to get moving and stop fussing or it was going to get ugly! They looked down at me, and I guess they understood – I do speak their language you know – because they took off in a hurry and joined up with the rest of the herd. Then, I noticed one cow off to the side trying to hide so she could stay on that grass for the night and have it all to herself, so I ran her way barking and nipping at her heels and indicated it was in her best interest if she moved along too. She got to moving in a hurry and caught up with the rest of the group just as they went through the gate. I do not know what got into those silly cows. The next day they all started moving along when they saw me get out of the mule, and I did not even have to utter one bark. I guess now and then I will have to show them who is in charge, and they should not forget it.

What is up with this weather? It will be COOOOOLLLLLLDDDD for a few days and then warm, kind of like a yo-yo. Now, I tend to like the cold better since I am wearing a fur coat. On cold nights there is always a fire in the den fireplace for me to snooze by. In fact, when it is as cold as it has been lately, Mr. P stays in for the night. Now, he has a nice cozy house in the garage, but mama wants to make sure he is warm enough, so he gets to stay in the laundry room, and she fixes him a bed in there. He seems okay with that arrangement. Of course, he is not like most cats, so I do not think he does much hunting at night or any other time, so sleeping in works for him. He would probably sleep in the bed with my folks if he got the chance, but I would not like that. I mean it would get a little crowded, so it is okay for him to stay inside, just not in my special place.

Well, so long for now. I just heard my name called, and at this time of the day, that usually means it is time to check on my girls. That also means some treats and a good afternoon run. Life is good!

Your friend,


This monthly series is based on a book titled, “Letters from Kodi, The Little Cowdog With The Wiggly Butt”. The book is written by Brangus producer and IBBA member Phyllis Clem through the eyes of Kodi, a miniature Australian Shepherd. Kodi attends all the Brangus events the Clems go to, so you may have had the opportunity to meet her.

Hope you enjoy this series full of Kodi’s adventures!

About the Author:

Phyllis and her husband, Garry, are long time, 40+ years Brangus breeders who live in East Texas near Jacksonville. Their herd consists of donor and donor type females and they strive to produce the highest quality cattle they can. When they have free time they enjoy playing golf, watching professional bull riding, traveling and spending time with family and friends. 

The book is available by contacting Phyllis at 903-726-3463. The cost is $10 plus $2 for shipping and handling.

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