The Showman

This year will mark the 47th consecutive year of the International Brangus Show in Houston, Texas, where showman, cattlemen, producers and cattle enthusiasts from all over the world will gather to marvel at the best show cattle in the breed. Almost 50 years of tradition and fellowship follow the Brangus activities in Houston. This feature highlights a great showman and Brangus producer and was initially published in the January 2013 issue of the Brangus Journal.

Myron Saathoff5_1.2013 BJ_72dpi

Myron Saathoff enters the show ring grasping a lead rope in one hand and a show stick in the other trailing a line of perfectly fitted Brangus heifers. At the other end of the halter, Pearl glides alongside Saathoff following his directions. After getting set, Saathoff anxiously awaits the judge’s selection, knowing his heifer is bound to receive the prized purple banner.

Saathoff has stepped foot into many show rings over the last 40 years and is no stranger to the winner’s circle. He initially began showing heifers and steers in high school through FFA while growing up in Hondo, Texas. Now after two back surgeries, one hip replacement, and countless ribbons and awards won, Saathoff is unsure of how many more times he will be able to return to the show ring.

The earlier account was one of the most memorable moments of Saathoff’s show career. Pearl was the offspring of a champion that Saathoff bred and raised at JLS, Pearl’s dam, Tally, was awarded Show Heifer of the Year in 2003-2004, winning three of four major shows that year. Pearl was named International Champion and Show Heifer of the Year in 2009. The very next year, Tally had another daughter, Kelly, who was also an International Champion.

“I like being able to work with show cattle and demonstrate what you’re breeding and what you’re producing,” Saathoff explained. “It’s a way to advertise and showcase your operation to the public and showcase your best cattle.”

Myron Saathoff3_1.2013 BJ_72dpiUpon graduating from high school, Saathoff attended Texas Lutheran College in Seguin, Texas, on a baseball and football scholarship and finished at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He then began working at the local auction barn where his father worked before transitioning to the ranch management sector. He first worked for Larry Blackman of B2B Farms at 20 years old. He got involved in showing again this time in open shows. It was at B2B farms that Saathoff used Big Sir 75/6 and Justana 40/8 as clean up bulls, two of the Brangus foundation sires of today. Big Sir was the grand sire of Titan, who was the sire of Transformer, Big Sir also sired General, one of the maternal foundation sires of the breed. Justana was the foundation sire of Robert Vineyard’s 100 family. Both of these bulls can be found somewhere in most pedigrees popular today.

After working for B2B Farms, Saathoff managed several other operations including Escoba, T Diamond, Star J Ranch, and Star Creek Ranch owned by Curly Taylor where all the Brinks 392 progeny was developed. Saathoff tried his hand in sale management and consulting before settling in at JLS International owned by Jeff Smtih located near Devine, Texas. Now almost 13 years later, Smith and Saathoff together have more than 70 years of experience in the Brangus seedstock business.

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Latest Brangus Show Results

San Antonio Livestock Exposition Champions Named

Exhibitors paraded 87 Brangus entries at the 2013 San Antonio Livestock Exposition Sunday, February 10. A total of 28 Brangus females, 10 Brangus bulls, 32 Red Brangus females, and 17 Red Brangus bulls were exhibited. Judge David Groschke of Texas evaluated the entries.

Brangus Junior members dominated the female show taking all four champion female titles. Coming from the Junior Heifer Calf Division, CMR Ms Lanie 488Z took home the Grand Champion Female title. The May 16, 2012, female is a daughter of DDD Black Gold 804S25 and is bred, owned and exhibited by Tanner Miller of Gilmer, Texas. Reserve Champion Female title went to JCC Ms 390Y bred, owned and exhibited by Jake Johnston. The January 2, 2011, female first claimed the Yearling Heifer Division and is a daughter of DDD Lights Out 44P1. Miss -C- Dutchess 30Y claimed Grand Champion Red Female. Owned and exhibited by Bailye Foltyn of Bay City, Texas. 30Y is a January 6, 2011, daughter of R2 Extra Style 880P and initially won the Red Yearling Heifer Division. Following closely behind and coming from the Red Senior Calf Division, Dos XX’s Stretch’s Jewel took Reserve Grand Champion honors. The October 9, 2011, female is a daughter of Dos XX’s Chief’s Mr Stretch and is owned and exhibited by Waylon Hinze of Brenham, Texas.

Quality ran deep in the bull show, and emerging from the Senior Calf Division, IH Rudder 504Y2 rose to the top to claim Grand Champion Bull. The September 12, 2011, bull is a son of Chief of Indian Hills 23P68 and is owned by Buck Thomason and exhibited by Johnston Cattle Co. in Waxahachie, Texas.  Doguets Dillinger 38X6 took Reserve Champion honors. Owned and exhibited by Doguet’s Diamond D Ranch of McCoy, Texas, Dillinger is a May 18, 2010, son of Doguets Hercules 88S3. Rising to the top of the red bulls, Trio’s Yucatan 175Y first won the Red Yearling Bull Division. The Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull is a January 17, 2011, son of Trio’s Sequoia 112S and was exhibited by Trio Cattle & Genetics in Dallas, Texas. CX Chief’s Apache 67/Y took home Reserve Grand Red Bull honors for exhibitor Cox Excalibur Brangus of Katy, Texas. The April 16, 2011, bull is a son of Mr CR Red Chief 485/M1 and first won the Reserve Red Yearling Bull Division title.


Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show Junior Brangus Show Results

On Saturday, January 26, 2016, Junior Brangus Exhibitors from across the state of Texas joined for the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show in Fort Worth, Texas. Rising to the top to claim Grand Champion Heifer honors after winning the Junior Heifer Division was CK News Lady Elizabeth exhibited by Rachel McConnell of Hallsville, Texas. The Reserve Grand Champion Heifer, DDD Ms Chariti 88Z10, first won the Heifer Calf Division and was exhibited by Jake Johnston of Waxahachie, Texas. Other Division Champions included:

Reserve Junior Heifer Calf Champion – DDD Ms Mariah 804Z11-ET exhibited by Mary Katherine Vinson

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer – Miss JLS Eleanor 915Y58 exhibited by Madelaine Pack

Senior Heifer Champion – HF Cadence’s Black Ice exhibited by Demi Hunt

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer – KK Miss Rosie 5207X3-ET exhibited by Shelbie Van Beveren

Showmanship honors went to Bailye Foltyn of Bay City, Texas. Reverse Champion Showman was Matthew Whipple of Burton, Texas while Tanner Miller of Diana, Texas took home third place.


Champions Named at the 2013 Florida State Fair Open Brangus Show

Brangus members exhibited 79 Brangus entries at the 2013 Florida State Fair in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday, February 7. Judge Dale Pitchford of Warner, Okla., evaluated 43 Brangus females, nine Brangus pairs, and 27 Brangus bulls in a combined show.

Coming from the Senior Heifer Calf Division, SK Ms Odyssey 748Y claimed the Grand Champion Female title. The November 1, 2011, female is a daughter of Mr Thomas Odyssey 610S2 and is owned and exhibited by Quinn Carter from Haines City, Fla. Reserve Champion Female title went to MC Teddi 101Z exhibited by SK Ranch in Lake Wales, Fla. The January 15, 2012, female first claimed the Junior Heifer Calf Division and is a daughter of Skyhawks Presidente.

In the cow/calf show, Grand Champion Honors went to JR’s Ms 5X and her October 7, 2012, bull calf, JR’S Mr On Line 5Z2. Owned and exhibited by Joshua Rivers of Glen Saint Mary, Fla. 5X is a January 10, 2010, daughter of JH Mr. KO 607. SK Ms Barney 192X2 and her September 5, 2012, bull calf, QMC Mr Grit of Lambert 192Z took Reserve Grand Champion Brangus Pair honors. The August 1, 2010, female is sired by Mr Thomas Barney-196R and is owned and exhibited by Quinn Carter of Haines City, Fla.

In the Brangus bull show, the Yearling Bull Division champion L2C Mr Duramax 636Y rose to the top to claim Grand Champion Bull. The February 6, 2011, bull is a son of L2C Bt’s Duramax 11T and is owned and exhibited by Quinn Carter of Haines City, Fla. BT’s Knight 636X took Reserve Champion honors. The Senior Champion Division winner is owned and exhibited by Waylon Walker of Haines City, Fla. 636X is an October 1, 2010, son of Burtin’s Transformer 803G3.

In the group classes, Justin Bartle of Haines City, Fla., took the title for Produce of Dam. Junior Get of Sire and Senior Get of Sire titles went to Joshua Rivers of Glen Saint Mary, Fla.


2013 Florida State Fair Junior Brangus Show Results

On Friday, February 8, 2013, the day after the Open Brangus Show, junior breeders from the state of Florida participated in the junior show. Billy Wayne Key of Madisonville, Texas, judged the event. In total, junior members brought 35 Brangus females, six Brangus pairs, and 19 Brangus bulls before Key to be evaluated.

In the female show, JR’s Ms 66X2 rose to the top to claim the title of Grand Champion Female for Paige Eaves of Lake Butler, Fla. The Reserve Grand Champion Female, J SK Ms Odyssey 748Y, was exhibited by Quinn Carter of Haines City, Fla. Quinn also brought home the Champion Cow Calf Pair title with SK Ms Barney 192X2 and her September 5, 2012, bull calf QMC Mr Grit of Lambert 192Z. Reserve Champion Cow Calf Pair went to LCF Ms Duke 27W2 and her July 7, 2012, bull calf AP Mr Duke of Brightside 27Z exhibited by Allyson Polston of Lakeland, Fla. In the bull show, Kylie Lazo of Medley, Fla., exhibited her Junior Yearling Bull, Marvin, to claim Grand Champion. From the same class and capturing Reserve Grand Champion Bull was L2C Mr Duramax 636Y exhibited by Quinn Carter of Haines City, Fla.


Champions Named at 2013 Arizona National Open Brangus Show

Brangus exhibitors from Arizona, New Mexico and California brought 30 head of Brangus cattle to Phoenix, Ariz., for the 2013 Arizona National Open Brangus Show on Saturday, December 29, 2012. Longtime Brangus breeder Alex Dees of Yuma, Ariz., judged the event. Throughout the day, Dees evaluated 24 Brangus females and six Brangus bulls.

Grand Champion Female honor went to Travis Peterson of San Simon, Ariz. Miss LP/GT – 136, a March 14, 2011, daughter of Mr. Townsend Lucky 59/5, first captured the title of Junior Champion Heifer. Coming from the Senior Heifer Division, JGB Ms. Bernise 088 took the Reserve Grand Champion Female title home for Wayne and Jena Glasgow of Santa Ysabel, Calif. The November 26, 2010, female is a daughter of WC Mr. Merlin 79P2.

After first winning the Champion Senior Bull title, GB The Wizard 057 was named the Grand Champion Bull. Exhibited by Wayne and Jena Glasgow of Santa Ysabel, Calif., The Wizard is a January 14, 2010, son of S WC Mr. Merlin 79P2. Following closely behind, WC Whiplash 302Z2, a February 3, 2012, son of WC Maverick 512X, was named Reserve Grand Champion Bull after first winning the Junior Bull Calf Division. 302Z2 is owned by Carolyn Belden and exhibited by Wyman Creek Cattle Company of Palermo, Calif.

In the group classes, El Rancho Español De Cuyama of New Cuyama, Calif. took the titles for Produce of Dam and Senior Get of Sire while Lack-Morrison Brangus of Clovis, N.M., won Junior Get of Sire. Breeder’s Herd went to Carolyn Belden of Palermo, Calif.


Find animal standings on the GoBrangus website and click “Show Animal Standings”.

Past President Spotlight: Dale Kirkham

Dale KirkhamPresident 2009-2010

Dale Kirkham
President 2009-2010

It was not until 1989 this past president first started registering Brangus cattle and became a member of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA). But once he had the opportunity, Dale Kirkham, who served as the 2009-2010 IBBA President, was eager to learn more about the breed and quickly became involved in the industry.

A Kansas native growing up on a diversified crop and livestock farm, Kirkham had little exposure to purebred cattle during his childhood. He worked in a sale barn and helped the neighbors with their cattle during his college days. However, it was not until 1984 that Kirkham gained familiarity with Brangus cattle.

Kirkham attended college at Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kans., and after obtaining graduate degrees at the University of Wyoming and University of Missouri, he taught at small colleges in Indiana and southwest Missouri. After six years of teaching, Kirkham made a big decision to change careers and moved back to Kansas to begin working for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). After working at three other locations, he moved to Eureka in 1983.  A year later, an operation called Brinks Brangus started leasing the ranch where Kirkham was living at the time. With the help of other Brangus breeders, Kirkham launched his own Brangus operation.

“I wanted to get into the cattle business, and I bought my first cows in 1985 at a sale in Manhattan with the intention of running a commercial operation,” Kirkham said. “Fellow Brangus breeders Ray Thompson and Ken Hughes encouraged me to get started with Brangus and helped me implement AI techniques.”

Beginning in 1990, Vern Suhn, former manager of Brinks Brangus, assisted Kirkham with genetic breeding decisions and offered advice on purchasing cattle. Kirkham said he used AI techniques and heifer synchronization to manage his small herd and implemented intensive grazing management practices.

“It’s important to maintain cattle on forages that are already available instead of relying on supplemental feeds and feedstuffs,” Kirkham said. “There are too many cattle that are pampered and can’t hold their own when they go out to the commercial man.”

After Kirkham started his own operation, he joined his dad and brother in stocker and feeder cattle operations for several years from 1985 to the early 2000’s. He said this gave him a different perspective on other segments of the beef industry, allowing him to better understand his customers’ needs. In order to gain more knowledge about the breed, Kirkham said everyone should have diverse experiences and seek out opportunities beyond their own surroundings. Kirkham suggests visiting with other breeders about what they are doing on their operations to gain inspiration, new ideas, and more insight of the beef industry.

The IBBA hosts the largest gathering of Brangus producers and IBBA members in February at the Annual Convention and Global Brangus Roundup, in which Kirkham is a frequent participant. Kirkham said the convention provides breeders the opportunity to have an active role in the association and allows for better communication among members.

“Convention gives you a perspective of how the association operates,” Kirkham said. “I never walked away without gaining more enthusiasm about what I was doing on my own operation. Everybody out there, breeders both large and small, has different ideas, and you never know what idea will be the one that moves the breed and association forward.”

Kirkham said the biggest thing he learned from serving on the Board of Directors was the versatility of the IBBA membership because members came from all over the country with different needs and desires. He advises leaders to look at the big picture and see how decisions affect everyone.

“What the guy from Georgia wants is different from what the guy from Kansas wants,” Kirkham said. “It’s a challenge to make sure everybody is communicating and keeping everyone informed about what’s going on. Firsthand participation in open discussions is a good path to effective communication. The convention provides a great way to communicate with others in the breed and with the staff. I think we underestimate the value of face-to-face communication.”

Kirkham currently serves on the IBBA’s commercial marketing committee and is actively involved in both the Oklahoma Brangus Breeders Association and the Heart of America Brangus Breeders Association. You can find Kirkham at the upcoming IBBA Convention in February.


Note: It’s not too late to register for the 2013 IBBA Annual Convention. Visit to download a registration form and a schedule of events