IBBA 2014 Committee Members

The members for each committee are as follows and can be found on the GoBrangus website under the “Committees” section. These committees are compiled of volunteers from the IBBA membership and is open to anyone who is a member of the IBBA.

Executive Committee
President, Traci Middleton
First Vice President, Mike Vorel
Second Vice President, Danny Farris
Secretary/Treasurer, Brandon Belt

Chairman, Robert Field
Brandon Belt
Bill Davis
Danny Farris
Cody Garris
Mike Kammerer
Chuck Sword
Mike Vorel
Russ Williamson
Staff, Frances Miller

Breed Improvement
Chairman, Chuck Sword
Co-Chairman, Tracy Holbert
Garry Clem
Charles Crochet
Allen Goode
Joy Reznicek
Joshua Rivers
Dr. Randy Schmidt
Kent Smith
Vern Suhn
Dr. Milt Thomas
Brad Wright
Staff, Rosanne Sralla

Commercial Marketing
Chairman, Danny Farris
Ed Baranowski
Garry Clem
Howard Davis
Bradley Hodde
Craig Stovall
Kelley Sullivan
Buck Thomason
Staff, Jason Bates

Chairman, Brandon Belt
Steve Densmore
Craig Stovall
Milton Sundbeck
Mike Vorel
Staff, Frances Miller
Staff, Dr. Perkins

Membership and Education
Chairman, Mike Vorel
Garry Clem
Grady Green
Chris Heptinstall
Shiloh Hall
Bill Morrison
Vince Roberts
Staff, Brittni Drennan

Chairman, R.L. Robbs
Ron Flake
Don Cox

Chairman, Cody Gariss
Co-chairman, Cheramie Viator
Mike Coggins
Wade Fisher
Sara Green
Vern Suhn
Kelley Sullivan
Jerry Vige
Staff, Jason Bates

Show Advisory
Chairman, Russ Williamson
Co-chairman, Sharee Sankee
Kourtney Gardner (Junior)
Quinn Carter (Junior)
Ed Baranowski
Don Cox
Denny Douglass
Chip Gibson
Allen Goode
Shawn Knox
Joe Lingg
Joshua Rivers
Stephen Roop
Myron Saathoff
Bob Savoie
Staff, Tyler Dean

IJBBA Advisory
Chairman, Mike Kammerer
Staff, Tyler Dean

Chairman, Bill Davis
Chip Gibson
Adam Graven
Richard Hood
Darryl McDonald
Kelley Sullivan
Buck Thomason
Dustin Valusek
Staff, Dr. Perkins

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