Munoz Receives Honorable Georganne Myers Award

Veronica Munoz (center) receives the Georganne Myers Award from Ray Smith (L) and Kourtney Gardner (R).

Veronica Munoz (center) receives the Georganne Myers Award from Ray Smith (L) and Kourtney Gardner (R).

Veronica Munoz of Pearland, Texas, was presented the Georganne Myers National Supporter of the Year Award for her unwavering support and dedication to the International Junior Brangus Breeders Association (IJBBA). Munoz was honored at the IJBBA banquet Friday, July 25, 2014, hosted in conjunction with the National Junior Brangus Show (NJBS) in Bryan, Texas. Past recipient of the award Ray Smith of Arkadelphia, Ark., made the presentation.

A deserving leader is selected annually by a committee based on the tremendous support shown for the junior members involved in the Brangus breed and contributions made to ensure the success of the IJBBA.

This award, given in memory of Georganne Myers, is a representation of the passion and devotion that is still very evident in the people involved in the Brangus breed. Georganne raised two daughters who both were actively involved in the Brangus breed, Rachel Myers Childs and Britne Myers. She lived in Liberty, Texas, and passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

“This award meant more to me than any other award because I knew Georganne and know what the award means,” said the 2012 award recipient, Steve Densmore. Densmore is the ranch manager at Circle X Land and Cattle Co. in Bryan, Texas, and is an IJBBA Advisor.

“Georganne was a Texas Junior Advisor and accomplished a lot for the IJBBA,” said Ginger Pritchard, a Junior Advisor and strong supporter of the IJBBA. “She organized events, helped with fundraising, and she was always upbeat, positive and enthusiastic about the future of the junior program.”

Munoz follows Georganne with her fire and passion for the IJBBA. Now in her second term as an IJBBA Advisor, Munoz has been a solid part of the IJBBA Advisory Committee, providing continuous support and assurance to the IJBBA Board of Directors. For the past four years, Munoz has volunteered to organize the arena and banquet decorations.

“Every year, she asks what her budget is. After that, I never have to worry about any aspect related to decorations for NJBS,” IBBA Director of Youth Programs, Tyler Dean said. “And better yet, 99 percent of the time she comes in under budget because she makes everything by hand! When looking back over the list of past recipients of this award, it reads as a “who’s-who” of the mentors of the association, and I feel the group of past winners are iconic figures in the Junior association. Veronica Munoz is the perfect addition to the list.”

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