IBBA Committee Seeks Nominations for Award Recipients

The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) Awards Committee is taking nominations for deserving recipients of the three awards given annually by the IBBA- Breeder of the Year, Commercial Producer of the Year, and Pioneer of the Year.

The Pioneer of the Year award recognizes an IBBA member, past or present, for his/her service, loyalty and recognizable contributions to the Brangus breed. Breeder of the Year recipient is a current member of the IBBA deserving of recognition for his/her successes and advancements made utilizing and promoting Brangus purebred cattle. The Commercial Producer of the Year award highlights a commercial producer’ achievements incorporating Brangus genetics into their breeding program. These awards are meant to showcase the achievements and contributions these breeders have made to the Brangus breed and the beef cattle industry.

If someone you know is a deserving candidate of one of these prestigious awards, submit your nomination by Wednesday, December 31, to Robert Field, chairman of the IBBA Awards Committee, by email at calyxstar@aol.com or by phone at 662-435-4885. You may also contact an IBBA Director. Visit IBBA’s website at gobrangus.com/contact-us.php for contact information. Award recipients will be recognized at the IBBA Annual Awards Banquet in March 2015.

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