IBBA Show Committee Seeks Opinions from Exhibitors and Spectators

In an effort to give more members a voice in the evaluation of IBBA national and regional shows as well as IBBA approved judges, the IBBA has created an IBBA show survey. The survey, available for download and online at gobrangus.com/member, allows exhibitors and spectators to give their opinions on any recent IBBA national or regional Brangus show. The survey should be submitted within 30 days of the show in order for the show committee to accurately take all opinions into consideration. All completed surveys should be returned to IBBA Director of Shows Tyler Dean at the information listed at the bottom of the survey. Questions should also be directed to Tyler at (405) 867-1421 or by email.

Click on the image to open the survey, and download it to your computer. Once the survey is completed, follow the submit instructions.

Show Committee Survey

Texas 4-H/FFA Heifer Validation Program

The state of Texas is implementing a statewide electronic verification process in addition to requiring the physical validation of breeding beef heifers.  Because of numerous breed divisions offered, there are inconsistencies in how breed associations record purchase and transfer information. Heifer Validation is being initiated to ensure a level playing field for all junior breeding beef heifer exhibitors and to present a unified approach to verifying breeding beef heifer registration papers, ownership and physical possession. Further, history has proven collecting DNA hair samples during validation has added integrity to market animal divisions.

The verification process along with the added physical validation component will allow for certifying exhibitor ownership, possession, heifer identification (tattoo/brand) far in advance of each respective major livestock show. Full and part-time personnel will be required to effectively review and validate all submitted heifer registration papers and to enforce rules during the participating major livestock shows. A $10 fee will be required for each heifer validated for 2015 spring and fall shows.

For more information, download the official announcement.

Results for the 2014 NJBS Champion’s Challenge and Bred and Owned Shows

Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at the Brazos County Expo in Bryan, Texas, Judge Jirl Buck of Madill, Okla., evaluated a stout lineup of cattle. Growing up on a Limousin ranch, Buck grew up in 4-H and FFA showing steers and heifers. After working with several top cattle producers through college, he began buying and selling club calves. In 1989 he put together an elite set of Maine-Anjou females which served as the cornerstone of his program. Today, Buck Cattle Company raises Maine-Anjou, Maine-Tainer and Hereford cattle. Buck strongly believes in the value of the junior livestock program, and he has spent the better part of the past two decades in the barns at junior livestock shows helping his daughter and his customers exhibit their animals.

Champions Challenge

The day began with the Champion’s Challenge, which is designed as a show-back opportunity for the previous year’s “Source of Champions” (SOC) Sale heifers with added prize money. Consigners put up $100 per heifer for the SOC Sale, and that money goes into the pot for the challenge. In 2013 nine heifers sold, so this year’s challenge had $900 in added premiums. Five of the heifers sold in the 2013 SOC Sale made it back for the challenge show. Rising to the top was TCR Miss Maggie 1252A, a January 2013 daughter of DDD Black Gold 853W2. She was consigned to the 2013 SOC Sale by Triple Crown Ranch of Angleton, Texas, and is owned and exhibited by Dalton McKee, Tatum, Texas. Jackson Family Brangus of Waco, Texas, sold the Reserve Champion, Ms CJ Brynna, who is now owned and exhibited by Emily Lettelier from Citra, Fla. The September 2012 female is a daughter of Mr EJ Laredo.

Bred and Owned Show

While small in quantity, the 2014 NJBS Bred and Owned Show was packed with quality. Savannah Scott of Angleton, Texas, took home the Grand Champion Bred and Owned Female title with TCR Miss Jean 1019A, who first won the Heifer Calf Division. Jean is a November 2013 daughter of DDD Black Gold 853W2. Coming out of the Yearling Heifer Division to claim Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Female honors was Miss ELB Kinsley 101A, a daughter of Mr. ELB Malibu 312X. Kinsley, a February 2013 born female, was bred, owned and exhibited by Kacie Wallace of Bryan, Texas. In the Red Brangus Bred and Owned Female Show, Broken A Miss 116B was named the Red Heifer Calf Champion before being honored as Grand Champion Bred and Owned Red Brangus Female. 116B is a January 2014 daughter of Mr R48 Center Ranch 212/K5 and was exhibited by Austin Acord of Madisonville, Texas. Alexandra Acord of Madisonville, Texas, followed closely behind exhibiting Broken A Miss Kate 841A, a September 2013 daughter of Trio’s Sequoia 112S, to claim the title of Reserve Grand Champion Bred and Owned Red Brangus Female after first winning the Reserve Red Heifer Calf Award.

For the third consecutive year, Savannah Scott of Angleton, Texas, exhibited the Grand Champion Bred and Owned Bull. TCR Mr. Sandman 313A2 first won the Bull Calf Division and is a November 2013 son of LTD of Brinks 415T28. Taking Reserve Champion Bred and Owned Bull honors was Callie’s Buck Wild, a February 2013 son of GLB CCC Kilmer 222X. Buck Wild first won the Yearling Bull Division and was bred, owned and exhibited by Karlea Grace Dixon of Sontag, Miss. Austin Acord of Madisonville, Texas, took another buckle home winning the title of Red Brangus Bull Calf Champion and Grand Champion Bred and Owned Red Brangus Bull with Broken A Mr 11B. 11B is a January 2014 son of M&M Trademark 768/9. Kelsey Munoz of Pearland, Texas, rounded out the champions in the Bred and Owned Shows exhibiting MCC Honky Tonk Kid 26B to claim Reserve Champion Red Bull Calf and Reserve Champion Red Bred and Owned Bull. Honky Tonk Kid is a January 2014 son of Dos XX’s Stout’s Destiny.

For more information about NJBS and the junior association, visit junior.gobrangus.com.

Champions Crowned at 32nd Annual NJBS

National Junior Brangus Show

More than 100 junior Brangus exhibitors traveled up to 1,100 miles one-way to attend this year’s 32nd Annual National Junior Brangus Show (NJBS) in Bryan, Texas. In total, exhibitors from nine states brought 186 entries before Judge Reggie Rodriguez of Cat Springs, Texas, for evaluation. Rodriguez is active in the daily operations of Ken Ramsey Brahmans and works as an animal pharmaceutical sales manager for Nelson Wholesale. Additionally, he owns a semen and embryo marketing company and is active in the Texas Animal Health Commission, the Texas Beef Council and serves on the Livestock Committee for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. After breeding and exhibiting numerous National and International Champion Brahman, Hereford and Simbrah cattle as well as judging across the county, Rodriguez brought a wealth of experience as he placed 147 females, five cow-calf pairs and 34 bulls.

Rising to the top to claim Grand Champion Female honors was SK Ms Lambert 37Z, owned and exhibited by Allyson Polston of Lakeland, Fla. The November 2012 female came out of the Junior Heifer Division and is sired by CCC Lambert 75W5. Following from the same Yearling Heifer Division, Laura Zibilski of Burton, Texas, took Reserve Champion Female honors home with her March 2013 female Miss JLS Passion 767A4. Passion is sired by Skyhawks Presidente. In the Red Brangus show, coming from the Summer Yearling Heifer Division, Trio’s Balco Alana 175A3 took home the title of Grand Champion Red Brangus Female. The May 2013 female is a daughter of CX Tanque 23/T and is owned and exhibited by Audrey Acord of Madisonville, Texas. Taylor Goerlitz of Brenham, Texas, exhibited Dos XX’s Stretch’s Dream to claim titles of Red Yearling Heifer Champion and Reserve Champion Red Brangus Female. Dream is a February 2013 daughter of Dos XX’s Chief’s Mr Stretch.

McKenzie Posey of Wayne, Okla., exhibited Miss TDCC Isabella 926Z to claim the Champion Cow-Calf Pair honor. Isabella is a March 2012 daughter of 5K Mr Beaux Jangles 402U2 and had a March 2014 bull calf at side, TDCC Banjo 926B. SF Miss LTD 430Z and her November 2013 heifer calf, WF LTD’s Patriot 430A, claimed the title of Reserve Champion Cow-Calf Pair. The January 2012 cow is a daughter of LTD of Brinks 415T28 and is owned and exhibited by Dakota Williams of Ash Flat, Ark. Blair Tomlinson of Columbus, Texas, took the Grand Champion Red Brangus Cow-Calf Pair honors with TX Ms Chief Advantage 53/Z and her July 2013 heifer calf, Ms Lazy 3 Statesman 53/B. 53/Z is an March 2012 daughter of CX Mr Chief Advantage 49/T. Following closely behind, Miss PB Marie 916/12 and her March 2014 bull calf, Dos XX’s Mr Keystone, claimed the honor of Reserve Grand Red Brangus Cow-Calf Pair for Taylor Goerlitz. Marie is a March 2012 daughter of CX Mr Paymaker 1984/W.

Rounding out the day was the crowning of the owned bull champions. RBM King of Hearts, a March 2012 son of DDD Out Cross 1234X, rose to the top to claim Grand Champion Bull honors after first winning the Senior Bull Division. The bull is owned and exhibited by Clint Faul of Rayne, La. The Yearling Bull Champion RG Onstar 99A3 was slapped as Reserve Grand Champion Owned Bull. The March 2013 bull is a son of MC Onstar 924W4 and was exhibited by Reid Janish of Bellville, Texas. In the Red Brangus Bull Show, Trio’s Aristotle 175A claimed the titles of Red Bull Calf Champion and Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull. Morgan Maxwell of Springtown, Texas, exhibited the September 2013 son of Trio’s Yucatan 175Y. Blair Tomlinson of Columbus, Texas, led the final Champion of the day to claim Reserve Grand Red Bull with TX Chief Advantage 76/A. The March 2013 bull is a son of CX Mr Chief Advantage 49/T and first won the Red Yearling Bull Division.

For more information about NJBS and the junior association, visit junior.gobrangus.com.