IBBA Show Committee Seeks Opinions from Exhibitors and Spectators

In an effort to give more members a voice in the evaluation of IBBA national and regional shows as well as IBBA approved judges, the IBBA has created an IBBA show survey. The survey, available for download and online at gobrangus.com/member, allows exhibitors and spectators to give their opinions on any recent IBBA national or regional Brangus show. The survey should be submitted within 30 days of the show in order for the show committee to accurately take all opinions into consideration. All completed surveys should be returned to IBBA Director of Shows Tyler Dean at the information listed at the bottom of the survey. Questions should also be directed to Tyler at (405) 867-1421 or by email.

Click on the image to open the survey, and download it to your computer. Once the survey is completed, follow the submit instructions.

Show Committee Survey

IBBA Committee Taking Nominations for Directors

The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) nominating committee will be taking nominations for positions on the Board of Directors. Nominations for areas 4, 6, 7 and 8 will be accepted until October 10, and the candidates will be announced in the November Brangus Journal along with their biographies. The election ballots will be mailed out November 10, and will have to be postmarked to the accounting office by December 31, for the vote to be counted. The candidate receiving the largest number of votes in each electoral area will be announced immediately after tabulation in mid- to late-January.

Nominations for these areas should be directed to the corresponding committees:

Area 4- Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, & New England States
Eddy Roberts, Chair: 386-935-1416 or email
Jim Wannamaker: 803-568-3961 or email
Doug Williams: 336-745-5252 or email
Alan Varner: 931-934-3360 or email

Area 6- Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & Australia
R.L. Robbs, Chair: 520-384-2478 or email
Larry Parker: 520-508-3505 or email
Dr. Bart Carter: 928-651-0881 or email
Bill Morrison: 575-760-7263 or email

Area 7- Texas & Mexico
Mike Kammerer, Chair: 936-449-5744 or email
Eddie Blazek: 713-829-9908 or email
Josh Drews: 254-804-9968 or email
Joe Dillard: 713-201-3305 or email

Area 8- Large Central Region (States within Central Time Zone Except Texas & Oklahoma)
Bill Davis, Chair: 336-210-1222 or email
John Milam: 870-310-0781 or email
Wyliss Kemp: 662-489-5335 or email
Scotty Henderson: 318-208-0069 or email

IBBA Board Offers Short-Term THR Amnesty Program

On August 22, 2014, the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) Board of Directors approved an amnesty period for its members to bring cattle back on the THR inventory with no penalty. This amnesty period will begin September 1, 2014, and end December 31, 2014.

The cattle brought back must meet all the following criteria:

  • Member re-enrolling the cattle must be a member in good standing
  • Cattle must have been registered and been in good standing with IBBA prior to coming off of Total Herd Reporting (THR)

Progeny of cattle put back in the inventory during the amnesty period may also be registered in the system as long as they meet all the registry requirements (e.g. the dam is on inventory during the year of birth, birthdate, sex, etc.)

Cattle brought into THR during the amnesty period will be billed a $21.00 fee for the period ending December 31, 2014, and from that period on will comply with all current THR fees and criteria.

“The amnesty program passed by the IBBA Board of Directors provides an opportunity to add more data into our system for future development of new genetic evaluation tools,” said Dr. Tommy Perkins, IBBA Executive Vice President. “It is important to get these animals back onto the inventory should future registry options be offered to the membership.”

This program is designed to increase animal numbers, which in turn helps membership grow as well as strengthen our footprint in the beef cattle industry. For any questions regarding the amnesty period please contact the IBBA office at (210) 696-8231.

IBBA 2014 Committee Members

The members for each committee are as follows and can be found on the GoBrangus website under the “Committees” section. These committees are compiled of volunteers from the IBBA membership and is open to anyone who is a member of the IBBA.

Executive Committee
President, Traci Middleton
First Vice President, Mike Vorel
Second Vice President, Danny Farris
Secretary/Treasurer, Brandon Belt

Chairman, Robert Field
Brandon Belt
Bill Davis
Danny Farris
Cody Garris
Mike Kammerer
Chuck Sword
Mike Vorel
Russ Williamson
Staff, Frances Miller

Breed Improvement
Chairman, Chuck Sword
Co-Chairman, Tracy Holbert
Garry Clem
Charles Crochet
Allen Goode
Joy Reznicek
Joshua Rivers
Dr. Randy Schmidt
Kent Smith
Vern Suhn
Dr. Milt Thomas
Brad Wright
Staff, Rosanne Sralla

Commercial Marketing
Chairman, Danny Farris
Ed Baranowski
Garry Clem
Howard Davis
Bradley Hodde
Craig Stovall
Kelley Sullivan
Buck Thomason
Staff, Jason Bates

Chairman, Brandon Belt
Steve Densmore
Craig Stovall
Milton Sundbeck
Mike Vorel
Staff, Frances Miller
Staff, Dr. Perkins

Membership and Education
Chairman, Mike Vorel
Garry Clem
Grady Green
Chris Heptinstall
Shiloh Hall
Bill Morrison
Vince Roberts
Staff, Brittni Drennan

Chairman, R.L. Robbs
Ron Flake
Don Cox

Chairman, Cody Gariss
Co-chairman, Cheramie Viator
Mike Coggins
Wade Fisher
Sara Green
Vern Suhn
Kelley Sullivan
Jerry Vige
Staff, Jason Bates

Show Advisory
Chairman, Russ Williamson
Co-chairman, Sharee Sankee
Kourtney Gardner (Junior)
Quinn Carter (Junior)
Ed Baranowski
Don Cox
Denny Douglass
Chip Gibson
Allen Goode
Shawn Knox
Joe Lingg
Joshua Rivers
Stephen Roop
Myron Saathoff
Bob Savoie
Staff, Tyler Dean

IJBBA Advisory
Chairman, Mike Kammerer
Staff, Tyler Dean

Chairman, Bill Davis
Chip Gibson
Adam Graven
Richard Hood
Darryl McDonald
Kelley Sullivan
Buck Thomason
Dustin Valusek
Staff, Dr. Perkins

Board Nominating Committees Announced

The following are the nominating committees for the respective areas. Contact a committee member in your designated area to nominate a candidate for the IBBA Board of Directors. Click on the names to email that person. Candidate nominations are due by MONDAY, OCTOBER 14. Board candidate profiles will be published in the November Brangus Journal.
Area 2:
Lynn White – Chair: 318-452-0632 or 318-386-2886
John McKnight: 501-281-1040 or 501-268-8424
Bill Felton: 901-494-9626
Area 3:
James Ottmann – Chair: 660-736-4696
Don Thomas: 660-263-4460
Sharee Sankey: 620-767-5026
Area 7:
Joe Dillard – Chair: 713-201-3305 or 281-395-3343
Don Cox: 281-395-1277
Steve Densmore: 979-450-0819 or 979-776-5760
Area 11:
Evon Crooks – Chair: 336-817-6890
Doug Williams: 336-745-5252
Tommy Taylor: 386-462-1022
Contact the IBBA office with questions.

Brangus Association Members Pass Bylaw Change

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) membership voted recently to pass the bylaw change pertaining to Ultrablack and Ultrared cattle by a 70 percent margin. After much debate and discussion, votes were cast to pass the amendment allowing IBBA members to breed up to Brangus utilizing Ultrablack and Ultrared animals.

“This initiative will allow the incorporation of new Angus genetics into the Brangus population by an alternate method compared to the traditional process starting with Angus and Brahman as the first cross,” said Dale Kirkham, a member of the IBBA’s Breed Improvement Committee, in the December 2012 issue of the Brangus Journal.

Like the traditional Angus x Brahman approach, using Ultrablacks to breed up to Brangus will require three crosses to reach purebred status. Offspring of the first cross Ultrablacks (Angus x Brangus) mated back to Brangus (Ultrablack x Brangus) are genetically 3/4 Brangus. When these individuals are mated back to Brangus (3/4 Brangus x Brangus), their calves will be 7/8 Brangus and considered purebred Brangus. According to the amendment to Section I of Article V in the IBBA Bylaws, those animals will now be eligible for registration in the IBBA registry database.

Members were allowed to vote by mail-in ballot until December 31, 2012, and in person at the IBBA business meeting Friday March 1, 2013. For more information, visit IBBA’s website at www.GoBrangus.com.

Brangus Association Announces New Board Members

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) recently elected five new members to serve a three-year term on the IBBA Board of Directors. The directors will be officially inducted at the IBBA Annual Membership Meeting March 1, 2013, in Houston, Texas.

The new members of the board include:

Chuck Sword Photo_72dpiArea 1: Chuck Sword, owner of Char-No Farms along with his wife, Norma, live in Hollonville, Ga., and have been raising registered Brangus cattle since 1983. He is actively involved in his local and state cattle associations as well as on regional and national levels. He has served as president of the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association and previously served on the IBBA board from 1991 to 1997.


Mike Vorel Photo_72dpi

Area 5: Mike Vorel is the owner of Vorel Farms, and he and his wife, Robin, live near Luther, Okla. He purchased his first registered Brangus cattle 14 years ago and soon transitioned from a commercial cattle operation to a registered Brangus seedstock business in which the commercial cows are now used as embryo transfer recipients. Vorel has served on several IBBA committees and is an active leader in his community.


Russ Williamson Photo_72dpi

Area 7: Russ Williamson and his wife, Pamela, own and operate Skyhawk Brangus near Tyler, Texas. Williamson has been a member of the IBBA for more than 22 years and manages approximately 200 head of registered Brangus cattle. The Skyhawk team is actively involved in the show circuit, winning several awards for their accomplishments in the show ring. Williamson has been a board member for the Texas Brangus Breeders Association (TBBA) and currently serves as president for the TBBA board.

Danny Farris Photo_72dpi

Area 9: Danny Farris has been involved in the registered Brangus seedstock business for 27 years. He owns and manages Farris Ranching Company, and he and his wife, Mary Beth, live in Tuscola, Texas. Farris has previously served on the board for several state and regional Brangus associations including the TBBA and Hill Country Brangus Breeders Association (HCBBA) as well as the IBBA. He also served two separate terms as president for the West Texas Brangus Breeders Association (WTBBA).

Larry Parker Photo_72dpiArea 10: Larry Parker is returning to the IBBA Board of Directors for a second consecutive term. Parker owns Parker Ranch, LLC, in San Simon, Ariz., which has been family owned and operated for more than 45 years. He oversees 200 head of Brangus cows with the help of his daughter, Diane, and has been involved in the IBBA since the mid- ‘60s.

For more information about the IBBA and to contact a director, visit www.GoBrangus.com.