Descriptions of publications offered by IBBA

FRONTLINE Beef Producer

This is the publication Brangus seedstock producers should utilize to create a “brand” and a reputation in the minds of commercial cow/calf producers interested in breeding to Brangus.

This publication is a true source of news and discussion of relevant and timely topics for U.S. commercial beef producer audiences. The Frontline is published four times a year with a circulation of 20,000; additional copies are distributed at trade shows and producer events. The IBBA introduced this publication as a way for seedstock producers to advertise their program to the commercial sector and get the breeder in front of the customer.

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Brangus Journal

The Official Publication of the International Brangus® Breeders Association.

The Brangus Journal is an international publication serving the Brangus seedstock producer. Published bimonthly, this archive is designed to highlight accomplishments and improvements within the association. The purpose of the Brangus Journal is to serve the best interests of the producers while showcasing IBBA member breeding programs, efforts, and achievements to other Brangus seedstock producers. The Journal also provides a venue for the IBBA to communicate directly with their members providing updates related to the association, publishing feature stories, or announcing results.

Semen Directory

Features CSS certified Brangus and Red Brangus Sires

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