50K Genotyping Project: We Need Your Help

IBBA Continues to Gather Samples for 50k Genotyping Project and Genome-assisted EPD Development

Dear Brangus Breeder:

The Breed Improvement Committee met in Houston on March 1, 2012, and discussed our effort to accrue approximately 800 DNA samples from Brangus cattle for 50k genotyping with the Illumina BovineSNP50 assay. These data will be used to develop genome-assisted genetic evaluation (i.e., gEPD). To date, 200 samples have been catalogued at IBBA. This project is occurring in three phases. First, DNA samples need to be collected and catalogued. This will prevent duplication and allow us to keep on budget. Once the samples are received, we will ship them to the DNA service provider, GeneSeek, to obtain the 50k genotypes (i.e., 54,000 genotypes/animal). Last, Drs. Dorian Garrick (Iowa State University) and Milt Thomas (Colorado State University) will coordinate genetic prediction research using the 50k profiles. Any resulting capabilities will then be incorporated into our National Cattle Evaluation by the University of Georgia.

Dr. Milt Thomas and coworkers conducted a pedigree analysis of the IBBA database and learned that there are 17 prominent families-clusters and the samples we have obtained do a good job of representing these families. However, we still need to gather 600 new samples to have enough data for the project. Please contribute DNA from any registered Brangus animal, bull or cow, that has a weaning weight EPD accuracy of 0.35 or greater. If you have herd sires or donor dams that will have this level of the accuracy in the near future, please also contribute them to the project.

Please contact Lindsey Matli at the IBBA office for instructions on how to collect and send hair samples or straws of semen. By sending a sample, you are agreeing to pay $20 for the genotyping of each animal with IBBA paying $60 per sample. Submissions must be completed by June 1, 2012. Please contact the IBBA office at (210) 696-8231 with questions.


Frank Perry, Chair of the Breed Improvement Committee

Dr. Joseph Massey, IBBA Executive Vice-President