2015 Director Candidates Seek Board Positions

The nominating committee has selected candidates for the IBBA Board of Directors. Voting will commence by mail ballot and should be returned by mail to the auditors by December 31. Candidates’ biographies will be printed in the December Brangus Journal. Instructions and an addressed envelope will be mailed to all IBBA members. Members will also be voting on a proposed change to the IBBA by-laws. Again, please check your mail as all information will be mailed.

NOTE: When voting for the proposed by-law change, please
The IBBA staff did not indicate a place on the ballot for members to add this, and your
vote will not be counted unless it is signed and a membership number is indicated.

2015 Board of Director Candidates

 Area 4- Evon L. Crooks

Evon CrooksEvon Crooks and his family live in Mocksville, N.C. He has a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from Long Island University in New York City and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from The City University of New York. He is currently employed by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem and holds the position of Principal Scientist/Director. He is the inventor on approximately 70 U.S. patents and also has an equivalent number of European and Asian patents in the area of combustion chemistry and filtration applications.

Crooks migrated to the U.S. from Jamaica in 1970. He served as chairman of the Central North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society from 1994 to 1996. He served as president of the Mission Society of the Moravian Church Southern Province from 2006 to 2010. He and his wife, Carol, own and operate EC Farms in Mocksville, N.C. The farm specializes in the production of registered Brangus cattle and Boer goats. He served on the board of the Southeast Brangus Breeders Association and served as president from 2012 to 2014. Carol and Evon have been married for 36 years with two adult sons, a daughter, and two (almost three) grandchildren.

Evon grew up raising cattle on his parent’s farm in Jamaica and is passionate about cattle farming. Evon and Carol bought their first Brangus cows in 1998 and have performed AI every year to build the herd they have today. Doug Williams has watched the transformation of the herd.

“With cattle prices at an all-time high, we cannot become complacent,” Evon said. “We must continue to improve genetics and expand markets. For these two reasons, I am asking for your vote to represent you on the IBBA board.”

Area 4- Davy Sneed

Davy SneedDavid “Davy” Sneed is a fifth generation cattle producer raising registered and commercial Brangus on his family’s Century Farm in McMinnville, Tenn., with his wife, Wendy. He began in the Brangus business in the mid ‘90s when he became involved with the Mid-South Junior Brangus Association. Growing up, Davy was active on both the Mid-South Junior Brangus board and the International Junior Brangus Breeders Association, holding officer positions in both. He has continued his love of the show ring by working with several 4-H and FFA youth in fitting and showmanship clinics over the years, as well as assisting youth with their projects.

Following high school, Davy worked for Higgins Livestock in Woodbury, Tenn., for four years. Higgins procures approximately 7,000 to 8,000 head of stocker cattle per year, and Davy assisted with all management aspects. Sneed then took a position with the Rutherford Farmer’s Cooperative as Animal Health and Livestock Equipment Sales Representative where he stayed for the next 11 years. Davy currently works for Performance Feeds and Animal Health based out of Red Boiling Springs, Tenn., and covers 11 counties in Tennessee and Northern Alabama.

Davy serves on the Cannon County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, serves as the President of the Cannon County Young Farmers and Ranchers, and Advisor to the Cannon County Cattlemen’s Association. He has also served as the Cannon County Cattlemen’s Association President, Southeastern Brangus Breeders board, and sat on the Southeastern Brangus Breeders’ Association Junior Show Committee for the past two years.

Davy’s wife, Wendy, is an eighth generation farmer raised on a dairy operation in Northwest Tennessee before accepting a position with the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program in 2007. She is currently the Livestock Marketing Specialist for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and serves on several state cattle organizations. As Davy manages the production side of the operation, Wendy oversees the marketing of the cattle off farm through various methods. They have a true understanding of the big picture in not only the beef industry, but also all of agriculture industry.

With the prices at all-time highs, Davy understands producer’s anticipation to sell while prices are high, but also sees the importance in retaining and/or purchasing heifers.

“We have the lowest cow numbers in the United States in over 50 years, and to remain the power protein we need producers in areas where it is possible to build back to and to assist those younger producers trying to get into the cattle business,” Davy said. “In Tennessee alone, we have lost 140,000 plus mama cows, and with beef as the state’s number one agricultural receipts, we need to work with producers in building their herds. As we, in the Brangus breed, realize we have the best maternal offering out there, how better to help grow our commercial numbers than to assist commercial breeders looking to expand by educating them on the benefits of Brangus crossed cows in their herd.”

Area 6- Carolyn Beldon Carson

Carolyn Beldon CarsonCarolyn Belden Carson has been involved in the Brangus business for 24 years as an owner and manager of Wyman Creek Cattle Company in Oroville, Calif. Wyman Creek Cattle Company runs approximately 165 registered Brangus cows and markets bulls throughout California and females through various seedstock consignment sales.

“We are proud to have built from two open heifers purchased in the fall of 1990 to the herd that is currently ranked sixth in the breed for breeders and owners of Summit Cows in 2014,” Carson said.

At Wyman Creek Cattle, they maintain a focus on sound, functional cattle that have appeal to both registered and commercial cattlemen.

The multi-generation ranch is operated with the intent of building a future for the next generation. They focus on raising cattle and growing and marketing hay in Northern California. If elected, Carson looks forward to serving the membership in any way needed.

“My focus would be on building demand for Brangus seedstock through increasing Brangus sired feeder calf demand throughout the all parts of the country,” Carson said.

Area 7- Brandon Belt

Brandon BeltBrandon Belt was born and raised near Gatesville, Texas, on the same place where he still lives. He has been involved in the farming and ranching business his entire life from being involved in 4-H and FFA early in life to becoming involved in various AgriLife Extension endeavors since that time. He is no stranger to educational and promotional pursuits.

After attending Tarleton State University where he received a BBA in Accounting, he went on to receive a J.D. from the Baylor School of Law. After a period in private practice in Gatesville, he became the elected County Attorney of Coryell County in 2005. Belt and his wife, Kari, have been married for 13 years, and they have three boys.

Belt comes from a long line of cattlemen and began showing registered Brangus heifers in high school. He bought his first set of registered Brangus cows and a bull at the Blazer dispersal in the spring of 1993. After more than 20 years of breeding Brangus cattle in Central Texas, he now has a herd he is very proud of. The focus at Belt Brangus is on raising range bulls for commercial producers. They also market registered and commercial replacement females and feeder calves every year.

Belt has been very involved in the Brangus cattle business on a local level and is the current President of the Hill Country Brangus Breeder’s Association, on the Board of Directors for the Texas Brangus Breeder’s Association, and is on the IBBA Finance Committee.

“Many of you who know me know that I am a person of principle and character,” Belt said. “I have no intention of setting either one of those things aside in my service to the IBBA. I may very well not do what makes everyone happy all the time, but I will consistently do what I believe is best for the members of the IBBA.”

“I have watched as a great deal of change has occurred in our organization over the years, some of it I was happy with, and some of it was fairly disappointing to me,” Belt said. “It is my opinion that the IBBA has two main jobs; one, register Brangus cattle and two, promote the Brangus breed. I believe that if the IBBA focuses and excels at those two things, everything else will fall into place. It is not time to get bogged down in trivial matters and side bar issues. We need to focus on our members and our cattle. If I am elected, that is exactly what I will strive to do. I am no stranger to making hard decisions, nor to fighting and arguing for what I believe is right. I do it every day for a living, and I will do it for you on the IBBA board if given an opportunity.”

Area 8- Adam Graven

Adam GravenAdam Graven comes from a long line of cattlemen, beginning with his grandfathers: one, raising registered Angus in North Dakota; and the other, ranching in the Nebraska Sandhills. Graven continues the legacy with a lifetime of experience in the purebred cattle industry. Born at Ankony Angus in South Dakota, he moved to Texas with his family when he was 18 months old. He grew up around some of the most influential, competitive and innovative operations in the Brangus breed including the original Brinks Brangus and Pruett-Wray Cattle Company. He attended Texas A&M University before starting his own show and sale consulting business in 1995.

During his lifetime in the seedstock industry, Graven witnessed the progression and application of new technologies: non-surgical embryo transfer, ultrasound for ribeye and back-fat, and the implementation of EPDs to name a few. He learned the genetic and environmental dynamics of raising livestock in geographic extremes from the high desert of Arizona to the Mid-South, Gulf Coast, Central plains, and Western Canada.

Graven returned to his Brangus roots in 2013 to develop and grow the breeding program for Deep Down Ranch in Jennings, La. He serves on the Brangus International Committee and is dedicated to promoting Brangus and beef cattle. Graven believes that his expertise and experience with some of the most successful genetics and influential cattle ventures (across many breeds in the U.S. and Canada) brings a distinctive insight for Brangus breeders to position the association for a secure future.

Area 8- Doyle Miller

Doyle MillerDoyle Miller is the managing partner of Miller Brangus, a registered and commercial Brangus breeding program located in Waynesboro, Tenn. Miller Brangus, owned by E. D., Bert, and Doyle Miller, has been in the cattle business for 38 years and in the registered Brangus business for 31 years. Miller Brangus strives to breed a superior seedstock cow herd using proven stockman principles in combination with the technologies of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and ultrasound technology.

Miller was born and raised in Waynesboro, Tenn. After graduating from Wayne County High School in 1980, he attended Union University in Jackson, Tenn., where he received a double major in accounting and computer science in 1984.

Moving forward, Miller is a long-time Certified Public Accountant and has assisted individuals and businesses in a range of financial aspects that include tax and business planning, strategic planning, financial analysis, and general business consulting.

He has, in the past, served on the IBBA Promotion Committee, the IBBA Finance Committee, Breed Improvement Committee, and Membership Services Committee.

If elected to serve on the IBBA board, Miller would like the members to know the following areas are important to him:

  1. The International Brangus Breeders Association is a member organization. When major decisions need to be made, the Board of Directors will try to get input from as many members as possible.
  2. The general membership should be encouraged to attend most Board of Directors and standing committee meetings during the convention and the fall meetings.
  3. The general membership should be encouraged to communicate concerns that are important to them to the Board of Directors.
  4. We continually promote our breed as the black hided cattle breed of choice for the more southern climates due to its heat tolerance, maternal traits, and ability to produce a carcass comparable in quality to Angus, and that if we, as an association, promote these facts at an appropriate level, we will increase the demand for our breed.
  5. As an association, we strive to grow our membership and the number of cattle we register.
  6. As a director, we need to stay in contact with the members we serve.
  7. As an association, we periodically review the THR fee structure in an effort to treat all members as economically fair as possible.


IBBA Committee Taking Nominations for Directors

The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) nominating committee will be taking nominations for positions on the Board of Directors. Nominations for areas 4, 6, 7 and 8 will be accepted until October 10, and the candidates will be announced in the November Brangus Journal along with their biographies. The election ballots will be mailed out November 10, and will have to be postmarked to the accounting office by December 31, for the vote to be counted. The candidate receiving the largest number of votes in each electoral area will be announced immediately after tabulation in mid- to late-January.

Nominations for these areas should be directed to the corresponding committees:

Area 4- Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, & New England States
Eddy Roberts, Chair: 386-935-1416 or email
Jim Wannamaker: 803-568-3961 or email
Doug Williams: 336-745-5252 or email
Alan Varner: 931-934-3360 or email

Area 6- Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & Australia
R.L. Robbs, Chair: 520-384-2478 or email
Larry Parker: 520-508-3505 or email
Dr. Bart Carter: 928-651-0881 or email
Bill Morrison: 575-760-7263 or email

Area 7- Texas & Mexico
Mike Kammerer, Chair: 936-449-5744 or email
Eddie Blazek: 713-829-9908 or email
Josh Drews: 254-804-9968 or email
Joe Dillard: 713-201-3305 or email

Area 8- Large Central Region (States within Central Time Zone Except Texas & Oklahoma)
Bill Davis, Chair: 336-210-1222 or email
John Milam: 870-310-0781 or email
Wyliss Kemp: 662-489-5335 or email
Scotty Henderson: 318-208-0069 or email

2014 Elected Board of Directors Announced

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Members of the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) recently elected four new members to serve a three-year term on the IBBA Board of Directors. The directors will be officially inducted at the IBBA annual business meeting March 6, 2014, in Houston, Texas.

The new elected directors are as follows. Click on the directors’ names to read their full biographies.

Area 2 – Bill Davis

Bill and Gail Davis own and operate Chimney Rock Cattle Co. in Concord, Ark. Having never owned any brand of cattle other than Brangus, Bill feels he is very familiar with both the purebred and commercial aspects of the breed. The cattle industry is in the middle of record setting times, and no other breed has more potential for growth than Brangus.


Area 3 – Cody Gariss

As a third generation cattleman, Cody Gariss co-owns and operates his family’s diversified cattle operation in Lamar, Mo. The Gariss Ranch consists of approximately 50 registered Brangus cows, more than 400 commercial Brangus females, and, in addition, markets nearly 1,000 yearlings annually.


Area 7 – Mike Kammerer

Mike Kammerer, along with his wife Judy, own and operate Red Bird Meadows in Montgomery County, Texas. Mike has a passion for the cattle industry that stems from his involvement as a young man with one of the largest registered Angus and quarter horse ranches in Colorado. He spent all of his spare time at the ranch learning as much as he could about the operation while cultivating a dream of one day owning his own cattle ranch.


Area 11 – Eddy Roberts

Edward (Eddy) Roberts’ family has deep roots in the Suwannee River Valley located in northern Florida. He was born and raised on the farm where his great grandfather settled in the early 1860s only three miles from where Roberts currently resides. Roberts’ father, Walter, bought and took over the farm in 1945, and the farm became a family operated business in 1972. W.E.T. Farms was established, representing each stakeholder in its name, Walter, Eddy and Ted. Roberts is now the sole survivor and operator of the farm.

Brangus Association Announces New Board Members

SAN ANTONIO, TX – The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) recently elected five new members to serve a three-year term on the IBBA Board of Directors. The directors will be officially inducted at the IBBA Annual Membership Meeting March 1, 2013, in Houston, Texas.

The new members of the board include:

Chuck Sword Photo_72dpiArea 1: Chuck Sword, owner of Char-No Farms along with his wife, Norma, live in Hollonville, Ga., and have been raising registered Brangus cattle since 1983. He is actively involved in his local and state cattle associations as well as on regional and national levels. He has served as president of the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association and previously served on the IBBA board from 1991 to 1997.


Mike Vorel Photo_72dpi

Area 5: Mike Vorel is the owner of Vorel Farms, and he and his wife, Robin, live near Luther, Okla. He purchased his first registered Brangus cattle 14 years ago and soon transitioned from a commercial cattle operation to a registered Brangus seedstock business in which the commercial cows are now used as embryo transfer recipients. Vorel has served on several IBBA committees and is an active leader in his community.


Russ Williamson Photo_72dpi

Area 7: Russ Williamson and his wife, Pamela, own and operate Skyhawk Brangus near Tyler, Texas. Williamson has been a member of the IBBA for more than 22 years and manages approximately 200 head of registered Brangus cattle. The Skyhawk team is actively involved in the show circuit, winning several awards for their accomplishments in the show ring. Williamson has been a board member for the Texas Brangus Breeders Association (TBBA) and currently serves as president for the TBBA board.

Danny Farris Photo_72dpi

Area 9: Danny Farris has been involved in the registered Brangus seedstock business for 27 years. He owns and manages Farris Ranching Company, and he and his wife, Mary Beth, live in Tuscola, Texas. Farris has previously served on the board for several state and regional Brangus associations including the TBBA and Hill Country Brangus Breeders Association (HCBBA) as well as the IBBA. He also served two separate terms as president for the West Texas Brangus Breeders Association (WTBBA).

Larry Parker Photo_72dpiArea 10: Larry Parker is returning to the IBBA Board of Directors for a second consecutive term. Parker owns Parker Ranch, LLC, in San Simon, Ariz., which has been family owned and operated for more than 45 years. He oversees 200 head of Brangus cows with the help of his daughter, Diane, and has been involved in the IBBA since the mid- ‘60s.

For more information about the IBBA and to contact a director, visit www.GoBrangus.com.

Approved Funding for DNA Project

IBBA Board of Directors approved funding for a DNA project that will genotype the Brangus breed in order for a gene marker map to be developed in order to produce Genomic Enhanced EPD for Brangus cattle. While other cattle breeds like Holstein and Angus are well on their way to routinely using Genomic Enhanced EPD’s for genetic selection, all other breeds must develop their own breed specific DNA Marker Map.

The details of the project are still being assembled. As more information is developed, IBBA members will be notified and given the opportunity to participate. Expect to see the details of this project and how to participate by early November.

IBBA Association Performance Overview

-Association Report-

During the September board meeting, Dr. Massey reported to the IBBA Board of Directors it might be a year before the association knows the total impact of the drought in Texas and Oklahoma on the cattle within the association. He also reported revenues from THR only decreased by 3.6% or 880 head, which is much better than what was initially expected considering cattle liquidations occurring in both Texas and Oklahoma. Membership is down by 46 members but was compensated by an increase in adjusted expenses of 4%.

All other activities, such as promotion, continue to make progress as planned. The staff traveled from Florida to Arizona to attend 31 events so far in 2011, and they have scheduled to attend another 10 to 12 events between now and the end of the year.