From Kodi- “That’s Ranchlife”

Kodi the Cowdog

Kodi staying alert and guarding the ranch

Hi Y’all! Kodi here, head of security and all-around best pal at the Clem Ranch. It sure is a different June than this time last year when the drought already had us in its nasty grip. Mother Nature has been good to us lately, and we have been getting lots of rain, and all the ponds are overflowing. That is a good sight to see especially for my girls. They will have clean, fresh water to drink all summer long, and I will have plenty to run and splash in.

Now I haven’t gotten the swimming thing down just yet, but I sure do love to run along the edges of the ponds and splash in the cool water. When it rains and there are lots of puddles in the pasture, man oh man do I have fun in those. You know I just have to run sometimes, and when there is water to splash in well, that’s even better. I hit every puddle I come to going just as fast as my wiggly butt will take me and then head to the next one I see. Of course, when we get back to the house you know what’s coming my way, a bath of course. That’s ok though because by then I am ready for a little rest.

Since I am a little cowdog and have gotten pretty good at working with those critters, I have come to the conclusion that they do not always use good sense and can have a “mob” mentality after what happened the other afternoon. Now I do speak their language of “MOOOOOOO”, but even knowing that, nothing made sense about what they did. All started out great but went drastically downhill in a hurry. It was one of those days here in East Texas that made you want to be outside. There was sunshine, a blue, clear sky and a soft breeze blowing; it was that kind of day.

Well, Mama decided to go for a walk since we had been out of town for a couple of days and hadn’t gotten in our usual exercise routine. She called for me to see if I wanted to go, and of course I jumped at the chance. I knew that meant I would get to run and play and get in all the creeks and ponds we went by and bark at everything that moved. She and I took off leaving Daddy reading the paper and enjoying a cup of coffee out on the deck. Mama walked, and I ran and played until we noticed a group of cows and calves were following close behind. We were crossing a narrow dam when all those cows in that field came stampeding right up behind us. They were jumping and kicking and slipping and sliding. Mama yelled, and I ran toward them to try and get them to stop so they would not run us over. They stopped, but they all had that wild-eyed look on their faces. Mama called for me to come close to her, and we got off to the side of the dam as best we could to let them pass. They ran and jumped and bawled and bellowed and headed on to another field like the devil was behind them with a whip. I thought they were acting kind of crazy myself and for what reason. The grass was just as green where they had come from as it was where they were going.

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