Genetic Conditions Update- DD

IBBA Executive Vice President Dr. Tommy Perkins discusses the genetic condition Developmental Duplication, referred to as “DD”, and the impact the defect has on the Brangus breed as well as the beef cattle industry. Perkins also provides IBBA’s response to handling the defect. Visit for more information.

Genetic Conditions Update

The IBBA has removed the “live” aspect of the genetic conditions portion of the Brangus portal (website). We still have it “live” for the staff but not for the membership. Some of the breeders were complaining that their animal would show as a “potential carrier” (PC) one day, and then the next day it would change to nothing (no genetic impact), and then the third day it would be back to PC. This is all due to animals in between the individual, and its original relation (e.g. great grand sire, grand dam, etc.) have results entered into the database at different times. This will occur in the future but will have less impact once we get the majority of the tested cattle results in our system.

Nearly 75,000 Developmental Duplication (DD) results from other breeds (Angus, Red Angus, etc.) are being added to the IBBA database at this time. Through programming, all animals with impacted genetics will be tagged with the proper genetic condition tag. We hope to make these achievements this week and go back “live” with the genetic conditions.

Dr. Tommy Perkins
Executive Vice President
International Brangus Breeders Association