IBBA Selects New DNA Testing Provider

SAN ANTONIO, TX- The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) has selected GeneSeek, a division of Neogen Corporation, as the association’s new genomics profiling provider.

The partnership will allow Brangus breeders to submit DNA samples to GeneSeek for parentage determination and lay a foundation for Genomic-Enhanced EPDs for the breed association.

“IBBA’s agreement with GeneSeek moves us closer to conducting all Brangus parentage testing using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) genetic markers versus previously used technologies,” said Dr. Tommy Perkins, IBBA Executive Vice President.

Samples will be tested with the GeneSeek®Genomic Profiler™ GGP HD 80K and the GeneSeek®Genomic Profiler™ GGP LD 30K for eventual incorporation into genomic-enhanced EPDs for the Brangus breed. The GGP 80K is finding a role as a premium genomic profiler, while the GGP LD 30K is a highly accurate, affordable option for routine testing of herd bulls and other seedstock.

The arrangement allows Brangus breeders to request parentage as either a stand-alone SNP test or as part of their GGP HD 80K or GGP LD 30K results. Both profilers provide parentage verification along with a wealth of information on animal potential. Testing turn-around time is dependent on the type of testing requested.

Brangus breeders should be pleased with the innovative direction they are going, said Ryan Ruppert, National Sales Director for Neogen GeneSeek.

“Profiling is a much faster and affordable way to learn about the merit of bull calves. The profiles also help you confidently represent your seedstock at shows and sales,” Ruppert said. “Plus, a genomic profile on a bull calf or yearling may identify a potential A.I. sire, so if you are fortunate to experience this you can retain and showcase that animal.”

Genomics will have a growing impact on seedstock and commercial cow-calf operations, due to bottom-line benefits that matter to producers, he said.

Some “lowly heritable” traits have a big impact on a rancher’s bottom line. An example is reproductive performance. This is partly inherited and is also affected by management and nutrition. Knowing more about maternal traits of seedstock bulls helps ranchers buy the right young bulls and then select and invest in heifers that will breed and calve efficiently. Using genomic profiles, seedstock producers can measure maternal traits in young bulls and market them on that basis.

“Genomics helps you get the advantage of reliable EPDs without having to do years of progeny testing,” Ruppert said.

While maternal traits help ranchers raise great mother cows, in other cases the seedstock operators’ customers are looking for terminal bulls that will pass along growth efficiency. Genomic profiles also predict performance factors for feed efficiency and feed conversion, as well as carcass quality and composition. The information puts added power in the hands of seedstock breeders and their customers.

When IBBA members order tests from GeneSeek, results will be emailed or mailed. Contact Rosanne Sralla, IBBA Registry Specialist, by email or at 210-696-8231 with questions. For more information, visit www.GoBrangus.com.


2014 World Brangus Congress – Mexico

Make your reservations today, and join us November 10-14, at the 2014 World Brangus Congress in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico!

Registration Fee – $650.00
Your registration includes:

  • Transportation from the Airport to the Hotel and back to the Airport
  • Conference Keynote Address
  • Entry into the Xmatkuil fairgrounds and Brangus judging
  • Tickets to the archeological sites and the great Museum of the Mayan World
  • Welcome Cocktails
  • Lunch at Rancho Santa Fe
  • Food at the Hotel Fiesta Americana
  • Xmatkuil Fair Meals
  • Meal in Mayaland
  • The 2014 World Brangus Congress Closing Dinner
  • Transportation to events during the Congress program


Visit www.branguscongress.mx/en for more information.

Details about the 2014 World Brangus Congress

Source: International Red Brangus Breeders Association


2014-2015 IJBBA Board Announced

2014-2015 IJBBA Board of Directors Racheal Sharp, Kacie Wallace, Emilee Garza, Meghan Picket, McKenzie Posey, Quinn Carter, Colby Davis, Allyson Polston, Kendra Bull and Kourtney Gardner

2014-2015 IJBBA Board of Directors
Racheal Sharp, Kacie Wallace, Emilee Garza, Meghan Picket, McKenzie Posey, Quinn Carter, Colby Davis, Allyson Polston, Kendra Bull and Kourtney Gardner

The International Junior Brangus Board of Directors for 2014-2015 was announced at the conclusion of the National Junior Brangus Show Banquet on Friday, July 25, 2014. The IJBBA Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing and managing the entire IJBBA as well as coordinating and hosting the annual National Junior Brangus Show. For more information about the Brangus juniors, visit junior.gobrangus.com.

The 2014-2015 IJBBA Board of Directors consists of:

President, Racheal Sharp, Konawa, Oklahoma

At the helm of the IJBBA this year will be Racheal Sharp. Sharp returns to the IJBBA Board for her third year of service and continues Oklahoma’s longtime representation on the IJBBA Board of Directors and in IJBBA leadership positions. Sharp brings a unique personality to the IJBBA Board and provides true leadership by example. A proven asset to the IJBBA Board, Sharp played a key role in the success of the 2014 NJBS by providing constant support to her fellow board members. She is destined to achieve great things and really provides the compassion, honesty and integrity to propel the IJBBA forward. Entering her senior year at Konawa High School, Sharp has been active in the Oklahoma Junior Brangus Association for several years, serving as royalty and holding several offices. Sharp’s value will continue to increase as the NJBS heads to Duncan, Okla., in 2015.

IJBBA Ex-Officio and IBBA Queen, Kacie Wallace, Bryan, Texas

In just two years of service on the IJBBA Board, Wallace has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the IJBBA Board of Directors. She has been a driving force in IJBBA’s recent financial success and is excited to continue to build on the momentum she helped establish. Wallace is eager to share what she has learned about IJBBA fundraising with all the new members of the Board, and the IJBBA Advisory Committee is excited about the level of enthusiasm Wallace brings to the association. As IBBA Queen, Wallace will serve as an integral part of the IJBBA Board of Directors and provide a unique link between the show community of the IBBA and the members of the IJBBA. Excitement for the upcoming year surrounds the newly elected Queen as she prepares for a year of travels around the nation serving as the ambassador of our great breed. Wallace will begin her sophomore year at Tarleton State University this fall and plans to double major in Animal Science and Pre-Medicine.

2013-2015 Director, Quinn Carter, Haines City, Florida

Returning to the Board for her second year of service is Quinn Carter. A freshman majoring in Animal Science at Florida, Carter is rather new to the Brangus breed but brings a huge amount of motivation and drive with her to the Board. In her first year on the Board, Carter excelled in NJBS fundraising, accounting for $6,500 in sponsorships. She is excited about the opportunity the IJBBA Board provides junior members to meet breeders across the nation as well as the opportunities to travel and learn more about our industry as a whole. Carter plans to work toward obtaining a Veterinary Medicine degree and specialize in large animal treatment.

2013-2015 Director, Colby Davis, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

The second of three Oklahoma juniors serving on the IJBBA Board of Directors is Colby Davis. Davis brings a super strong work ethic and entrepreneurial drive to the IJBBA Board of Directors. Davis has deep family roots in the agriculture industry and has been raising commercial Brangus cattle since the early ‘80s. Davis was the first in the family to venture into the registered side and is excited about the future of the Brangus breed. He will be a senior at Tahlequah High School this year and intends to continue his education at Oklahoma State University majoring in Horticulture while continuing his involvement in the Brangus breed.

2013-2015 Director, Meghan Pickett, Robeline, Louisiana

Meghan Pickett provides a spark of enthusiasm to any group she participates in, and the IJBBA Board is no exception. Her high energy and excitement about the breed shows through everything she and her family do. Pickett brings one of the longest tenures with Brangus cattle to the Board of almost any member as she started showing Brangus at age eight. The leader of a strong, dynamic family of Brangus enthusiasts, Pickett has a solid knowledge and understanding of younger IJBBA members’ interests and desires. Pickett graduated from Many High School this May and plans to attend McNeese State University majoring in Animal Science and Beef Nutrition.

2013-2015 Director, McKenzie Posey, Wayne, Oklahoma

The youngest member of this year’s Board will be McKenzie Posey. With a solid foundation of Brangus showmen in her family, Posey brings a wealth of knowledge and tenure with the Brangus breed. In her first year on the Board, she brought a lot of new and exciting ideas to the table. Posey will also add to the entrepreneurial drive possessed by several other members as she has several years of egg production and marketing already on her résumé. She is excited to grow and develop new leadership skills while helping advance the IJBBA. Heading into her junior year at Wayne High School, Posey plans to attend Oklahoma State University and obtain an Agri-Business degree.

2014-2016 Director, Kendra Brull, Atchison, Kansas

Following in her older brother’s footsteps, Kendra Brull joins the elite group of IJBBA Directors. Brull will be a senior at Maur Hill – Mount Academy this fall. Brull has been a staple of the NJBS barns since she was old enough to get around and has been actively involved in IJBBA for more than 10 years. Active in varsity basketball and softball, Brull also has experience showing numerous other species. She currently serves as the president of her 4-H Council and the Atchison Shamrock 4-H Club vice president. Brull will bring a vast amount of level thinking, motivation and dedication to the IJBBA Board this year.

2014-2016 Director, Kourtney Gardner, China Spring, Texas

Entering her freshman year at Butler Community College, Gardner brings eight years of experience with the Brangus breed to her second year on the IJBBA Board. Last year, Gardner served in the dual capacity of IBBA Queen and IJBBA Director and excelled at both. A very passionate individual, Gardner is a strong, quiet leader who has a wealth of ideas for improvement. Additionally, she brings a solid sense of good functional cattle from her experiences and success with livestock judging which she intends to continue in college. With a long list of leadership positions under her belt, she looks forward to an increased role on the national level with the junior association.

2014-2016 Director, Emilee Garza, Spring, Texas

Relatively new to Brangus breed and showing cattle, Emilee Garza did not hesitate to go after a position on the IJBBA Board. Motivated by the mentorship of past IJBBA Advisors, Garza feels the IJBBA Board will allow her to grow and learn more about the breed she feels is the “ideal standard for future genetics”. While new to the breed, Garza is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the way IJBBA functions. Already ahead of the game as a Level 1 Veterinary Technician, she plans to attend Texas A&M University majoring in Veterinary Medicine with the intention of becoming a large animal veterinarian.

2014-2016 Director, Allyson Polston, Lakeland, Florida

Returning to the IJBBA Board of Directors for the next two years is Allyson Polston. In just her first year on the Board, Polston was elected Secretary. Polston also helped double Florida’s NJBS representation by encouraging more Floridians to attend. With a solid résumé of achievements and leadership with Brangus cattle and in other agricultural and community organizations, Polston is eager to help build a bridge between NJBS and regional associations to hopefully increase participation at both levels. Polston will be entering her freshman year of college this year at Hillsborough Community College and has future plans to attend the University of Florida and major in Veterinary Medicine.

Bates Represents Brangus on Texas Purebred Cattle Alliance

Jason Bates, Director of Field Services and Commercial Marketing

Jason Bates, Director of Field Services and Commercial Marketing

SAN ANTONIO, TX- Jason Bates representing the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) was elected first vice president of the Texas Purebred Cattle Alliance (TPCA). The TPCA was organized to form an alliance of all purebred breeders and purebred associations to promote and protect the seedstock cattle industry in the State of Texas and to improve production techniques and the conditions of persons engaged in the purebred cattle industry.

“I look forward to working with this progressive group,” said Bates, IBBA’s Director of Field Services and Commercial Marketing. “As a representative of purebred breeders, I welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can advance purebred beef cattle.”

The TPCA promotes marketing ideas, international and domestic trade, and encourages better communication among the purebred cattle breeders and their associations. The TPCA works closely with the Texas Animal Health Commission, the Texas Department of Agriculture, the United States Department of Agriculture and their representatives on animal health issues and marketing seedstock cattle. The TPCA also cooperates with the Texas Beef Council, United States Beef Breeds Council and the American Dairy Council in efforts to improve the purebred cattle industry.

The 2014-2015 TPCA officers include: President Radale Tiner, American Angus Association; First Vice President Jason Bates, International Brangus Breeders Association; Second Vice President John Ford, Santa Gertrudis Breeders International; and Secretary/Treasurer Collin Osbourn, Beefmaster Breeders United.

Texas Purebred Cattle Alliance Officers

Texas Purebred Cattle Alliance Officers (L to R):
President Radale Tiner, First Vice President Jason Bates, Second Vice President John Ford, and Secretary/Treasurer Collin Osbourn

Inaugural Brangus Fall Conference Set for October

SAN ANTONIO, TX- Join the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) for the inaugural Brangus Fall Conference set for October 2-4, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas. Participants can expect informative sessions and fun social events while networking with the Board of Directors and committee members. Headlining the event is keynote speaker Forrest Roberts, Chief Executive Officer for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

“We are excited to have Forrest Roberts address members and provide his insight to the beef industry,” said Tommy Perkins, Ph.D., IBBA Executive Vice President. “We look forward to hosting our members here at the IBBA headquarters and hearing their input. Their participation is vital to our progress.”

Member participation is welcomed for imperative planning meetings. Discussion of pressing topics will lead to advancements integral in the upcoming year and for years to come. As representatives of the IBBA membership and the Brangus community, your input and thoughts will be important to the dialogue.

The fall Board of Directors and committee meetings will be hosted at the Drury Inn and Suites near La Cantera Parkway (15806 IH-10 West) located across Loop 1604 from San Antonio’s largest shopping area and amusement park. The hotel provides easy access to The Shops at La Cantera®, La Cantera Golf Club, SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the riverwalk, and the Alamo. Bring the whole family to enjoy Alamo City!

Be sure to mark your calendar to attend these important planning meetings. All IBBA members are welcome to attend. Contact the IBBA office at 210-696-8231 or visit www.GoBrangus.com for more information.

Registration: Due Friday, September 26!

Register online

OR download registration form and return to Brittni Drennan via email or fax to 210-696-8718 by Friday, September 26.


Make reservations by August 30, to receive group rates.
Use group number 2218558
Call: Drury Inn & Suites – Near La Cantera Parkway at 1-800-325-0720


Fall Conference Schedule

2014 Fall Conference_2014.08 BJ_PG1 2014 Fall Conference_2014.08 BJ_PG2

Munoz Receives Honorable Georganne Myers Award

Veronica Munoz (center) receives the Georganne Myers Award from Ray Smith (L) and Kourtney Gardner (R).

Veronica Munoz (center) receives the Georganne Myers Award from Ray Smith (L) and Kourtney Gardner (R).

Veronica Munoz of Pearland, Texas, was presented the Georganne Myers National Supporter of the Year Award for her unwavering support and dedication to the International Junior Brangus Breeders Association (IJBBA). Munoz was honored at the IJBBA banquet Friday, July 25, 2014, hosted in conjunction with the National Junior Brangus Show (NJBS) in Bryan, Texas. Past recipient of the award Ray Smith of Arkadelphia, Ark., made the presentation.

A deserving leader is selected annually by a committee based on the tremendous support shown for the junior members involved in the Brangus breed and contributions made to ensure the success of the IJBBA.

This award, given in memory of Georganne Myers, is a representation of the passion and devotion that is still very evident in the people involved in the Brangus breed. Georganne raised two daughters who both were actively involved in the Brangus breed, Rachel Myers Childs and Britne Myers. She lived in Liberty, Texas, and passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

“This award meant more to me than any other award because I knew Georganne and know what the award means,” said the 2012 award recipient, Steve Densmore. Densmore is the ranch manager at Circle X Land and Cattle Co. in Bryan, Texas, and is an IJBBA Advisor.

“Georganne was a Texas Junior Advisor and accomplished a lot for the IJBBA,” said Ginger Pritchard, a Junior Advisor and strong supporter of the IJBBA. “She organized events, helped with fundraising, and she was always upbeat, positive and enthusiastic about the future of the junior program.”

Munoz follows Georganne with her fire and passion for the IJBBA. Now in her second term as an IJBBA Advisor, Munoz has been a solid part of the IJBBA Advisory Committee, providing continuous support and assurance to the IJBBA Board of Directors. For the past four years, Munoz has volunteered to organize the arena and banquet decorations.

“Every year, she asks what her budget is. After that, I never have to worry about any aspect related to decorations for NJBS,” IBBA Director of Youth Programs, Tyler Dean said. “And better yet, 99 percent of the time she comes in under budget because she makes everything by hand! When looking back over the list of past recipients of this award, it reads as a “who’s-who” of the mentors of the association, and I feel the group of past winners are iconic figures in the Junior association. Veronica Munoz is the perfect addition to the list.”

For more information about the IJBBA, visit http://junior.gobrangus.com.

Champions Chosen at 2014 Brangus Futurity

Brangus Futurity

Of 165 animals entered in the 2014 Brangus Futurity, six were named Grand Champions at the Brazos County Expo in Bryan, Texas, by Judge Blake Bloomberg of Stillwater, Okla. A native of Berwick, Ill., Bloomberg is currently an assistant professor and livestock judging team coach at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla. Prior to joining the faculty at Oklahoma State, Bloomberg coached the Texas A&M University livestock judging team and was named the National Collegiate Coaches Association’s Coach of the Year in 2008 and 2009. Additionally, he was a member of the 2004-2005 National Champion A&M Team that went undefeated. Bloomberg also has an extensive background in the cattle business and grew up exhibiting Simmental, Hereford, Angus and Shorthorn cattle.

Bloomberg’s first champion, DDD Ms Reeva 157Z3, was named Junior Heifer Champion before being named Grand Champion Female. Reeva, an October 2012 daughter of Doguets Hercules 88S3, was exhibited by Kara Lucherk, Falls City, Texas. Kyle Martin of Danbury, Texas, exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Female, TCR Belle of the Ball 302A. An October 2013 daughter of D Bar D Mr Amos Moses 23T1, Belle first won the Heifer Calf Division. In the Red Brangus Show, Trio Cattle and Genetics, LLC from Dallas, Texas, took top honors. Coming from the Red Junior Heifer Division, Trio’s MLS Zamy 175Z2 took the Grand Champion Red Female title. The female is an October 2012 daughter of Lazy 3 Statesman 100S. Buffaloe’s Ms Vincent 193A2 came out of the Red Yearling Heifer Division to claim Reserve Champion honors. The heifer is an April 2013 daughter of Buffaloe’s Vincent 07X and was exhibited by Kara Lucherk of Falls City, Texas.

In the cow-calf show, Stephen Roop of Grapevine, Texas, exhibited RCC Ms Raven 1252Y2 to claim the Champion Cow-Calf Pair honor. The November 2011 cow is a daughter of MC Alias 535P and had a February 2014 heifer calf at side, RCC Ms Jewel 2114B. SF Miss LTD 430Z and her November 2013 heifer calf, WF LTD’s Patriot 430A, claimed the title of Reserve Champion Cow-Calf Pair. 430A is a January 2012 daughter of LTD of Brinks 415T28 and is owned and exhibited by Dakota Williams of Ash Flat, Ark. Shelbie VanBeveren of Victoria, Texas, took the Grand Champion Red Brangus Cow-Calf Pair honors with KK Miss Malibu 65Z2 and her March 2014 bull calf, SV Malibu Statesman. Malibu is a February 2012 daughter of Sureway’s Rocky Street 227N. Cox Excalibur Brangus of Katy, Texas, led CX Ms Legends Dream 71/Z2 and her February 2014 bull calf, CX Apaches Dream 71/B, to claim the Reserve Grand Champion Red Brangus Cow-Calf Pair. The cow is a February 2012 daughter of CX Legends Dream 610/U1.

In the bull show, CS Train of Thought 2056UA rose to the top to take top honors as Grand Champion Bull. Coming out of the Summer Yearling Bull Division, Train of Thought, a May 2013 son of SBR Coal Train 222WR, was exhibited by Deep Down Ranch of Jennings, La. RCC Titlest 88A came from the Junior Yearling Bull Division and took the Reserve Grand Champion Bull title. The March 2013 bull is a son of Skyhawks Presidente and is owned and exhibited by Roop Cattle Company of Grapevine, Texas. Cox Excalibur Brangus of Katy, Texas, swept the Red Brangus bull show. Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull honors went to the Champion Red Junior Bull, CX Dream Play 67/Z, a July 2012 son of CX Dream Boy 59/X. From the Junior Yearling Bull Division, CX Mr Dream Forever 365/A took the title of Reserve Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull. The January 2013 bull is sired by CX Legends Dream 610/U1.

For more information about the International Junior Brangus Breeders Association visit junior.gobrangus.com.